Marketing Tips for Massage Therapists

Marketing Tips for Massage Therapists

Sunday, July 11th, 2010 at 2:48 am

BOSS Hawaii has been very successful marketing Island Massage, Natural Healing Hawaii and Windward Community Massage.  Here are some tips from owner Daniela Stolfi on how to market your Hawaii Massage Business. is a free search service and you can also list your massage business there free.  Be sure to go and ADD your business there.  BOSS Hawaii runs this site and we approve listings once a week and will be sure to approve you.  This site also allows you to submit articles you can add your name and link to.  It is a great way to market your business and website.   SEE the massage therapist resource section for new patient forms, and other resources you can use for your business.

2- If you didn’t know ABMP has SO many resources to start and run your business from brochures you can print, to newlsetters and business cards to even FREE websites. uses their free website tool.  Just buy your own domain for $10 a year and point it to your free site.  You can even get a free email and add your business to their listing.  ABMP also offers really helpful webinars and advice for marketing.  Go and set up your account to access all the resources.

3-Craigslist – Add your business specials to craigslist.  You can relist every 3 days.  Not only is it free but it helps your website ranking so be sure to mention your website and business name in your listing.

4-Take a workshop with Kailua Chamber of Commerce.  They now offer workshops on social media and other marketing tools for your business for only $10 for non members.

5-Network – Join a business group like Kaneohe Business Group or Kailua Chamber.  Meeting other businesses open all kinds of opportunities for new business, a place to leave cards, and more.  Plus you can write off the membership.

6-Add yourself to free business listings like google, bing, yahoo, Yelp.

7-Join Facebook and twitter and connect with others in the business.

8-Sign up on and wait for emails offering free stuff.  You can get free business cards, signs, brochures, key chains t-shirts and more.  It really is free, just order as much of the free stuff as possible and pay for shipping.  I got 100 post cards, 50 magnets, 250 business cards, a car magnet, and a small banner all for $30 last week.

9- Go to for some of the best tips and free resources for massage therapists available on the web.

10- Accept no-fault and workman’s comp.   You can bill for up to $120 an hour or $30 a modality.  You don’t need to do anything special like apply anywhere to bill for this.  When accepting nf/wc clients just ask them for their RX and insurance adjustor.  Contact them to confirm coverage then find out what they need and where to send it.  In most cases you just need to send an invoice, and the soap notes.  It is a process and you do have to wait for your money sometimes up to a month and deal with the ongoing delays these insurance companies like to create.  But if you can be patient and persistent you establish a relationship with these companies and eventually it goes smoothly.  You can make more in an hour and get regular clients who have prescriptions for massage for 20 sessions sometimes more.  Not everyone accepts nf and wc because of the hassle so there are lots of these clients looking for massage therapists.

11- Offer gift certificates. It is a great way to get cash during busy times, just be sure to have a system to track them

12-Volunteer and events. Pohainani has wellness events.  UH Law School has events where they enjoy chair massages.  Watch for event ideas.

13-Sign up with  This is a free booking system you can use to accept online appointments.

14-Add yourself to directory.  It is FREE

For more advice, links to create free business listings, instructions on how to do some of the things I mention here and more, go to:


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